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We believe that finding your faith is not finding a religion, but rather finding a relationship that has a higher being at the center. Although we may come from different religious backgrounds, we all are drawn to an unseen presence - which is apart from and outside of us. Faith, to us, is anchored in God and we hope at Valley you will find a setting where you can experience what it means to “come home” and grow your faith.

Welcome Home

Our Values

1.  Biblical Authority - “A Better Way to Live”

The Bible is the Word of God and a roadmap for life.  If we choose to follow that map, we can find a better way to live.

(Psalm 119:105; John 1:14)

2.  Relational Faith - "Reconnect & Build"

Too often we feel like the things we’ve done in our life separate us from God.  But, by grace and through faith in Jesus, we have the opportunity to reconnect and build that close, personal relationship with God. 

(Ephesians 2:8-10; Romans 6:1-11; Romans 8:35-39)

3.  Spiritual development - "Connect & Grow"

We believe that coming together in supportive groups provides the best environment to learn who Jesus is and how we can live better lives through Him.

(Acts 2:46-47; Romans 12:1)

4.  Positive Encounters - “Bringing people & Jesus together”

We believe it is our responsibility to use our gifts, talents, abilities and resources to create safe, welcoming environments and give people the best opportunity to encounter Jesus so He can begin His work in their lives.

(Matthew 18:20; Colossians 3:16-17)

5.  Personal Evangelism - “Come & See”

Jesus has given us the greatest, life changing gift.  We believe that the greatest thing we can do is invite others to come and see who Jesus is and that His gift is for them too.

(Mark 2:1-5; John 1:40-46; John 4:26-42)

If you're interested in who leads Valley, learn more on our Leadership Page

Baptism & Communion


By choosing to be baptised, we publicly acknowledge that we have been saved by grace through our faith in Jesus.  Being immersed underwater symbolises Jesus' death, burial and resurrection and the beginning of our new life committed to following Him.

(Matthew 28:19-20; Romans 6:3-4, Colossians 2:12-13)


For information on infant and child dedication click here.


We remember Jesus and what He did for us on the cross by participating in Communion, a symbolic meal that we share with others.  (Matthew 26:26-28)  Just as Jesus washed his disciples feet, we also participate in foot washing, showing our desire to humbly serve one another.  It also reminds us when accepted Jesus sacrifice, he washed us clean from our old lives.

(John 13:12-17)

Our communion service is open to all believing Christians.

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