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Check the calendar.  Is the date you want available?  We want to avoid asking people that are already on the calendar to change an event for which they already have approval.


Is the event space you want to use available?  If not, is there another venue on campus that will work and won't conflict with an existing event?


Fill out the Event Request Form below and submit for approval.  Approval times (approximate):

Staff meetings/training - 1 week

Events - 3 weeks

You will be contacted by email.

Plan & Execute

Once your event has been approved, start planning!

 If anything from your original request changes (ie date, time or venue) send details here to get approved.  Hold your event!    

Event Request Form

Please provide the details for the event you would like to plan.

Do you attend Valley?

If you need additional dates to set up or tear down your event, please provide dates and times in the event details section.

Type of event
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